I honestly don’t know


How are they affording drugs? While I’m not there 24/7, I would rather take the blame for this than say she was on drugs. I take the blame for having plans for her future and not letting her be able to be who she want(ed) (s) to be. People told me that I should let her make her own future plans, not force college on her and not place great stock in her continuing our family business. I now here that she has succumbed to the pressure I applied, and for that I have to forever live with. Drugs? maybe….

I suppose anything is possible, but she is deathly afraid of pain (not necessarily a needle) but when she goes to the doctor and they draw blood, she passes out unless she’s in the prone position (been like this since she was younger). She fainted from vaccines through the years so I can’t see her shooting up. Smoking something…maybe.

Hummm…. Its not like she will admit it, so how does one find out and do something about it?