Thanks Kathy for explaining it


I was trying to write something, but it didn’t sound right. I have a sister who “dated” 3 different dealers to get her fix. I tried to point out her addiction and was told that I was lying–this after the first 2 were arrested and the 3rd was fired from his job for dealing at work. I finally had to cut ties for the safety of my family.

I think one of the things my folks have such a hard time with

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in terms of my current job as a farmer, is the pay cut I took. I went from a string of “white collar” series of jobs – mortgage lender then software designer for the lending industry – to a decidedly blue collar job. What they utterly fail to understand is that while I was building the farm over time so that I could eventually work here, my professional job went away anyway. So even if I’d never had the ambition to farm and never switched over to that as my work, I would have had to switch over to something else regardless. The product which kept me employed for 10 years was discontinued, and that company wasn’t interested in keeping any of us on for other work. That entire team of people scattered to the four winds. Most of my previous colleagues ended up going back to school to get additional technical certifications; those who didn’t went into some other sector of the work force and most also took steep pay cuts. Had I tried to stay in that line of work and apply for payday loans no credit check needed, I would have been faced with that choice as well. But because the timing coincided with the farm coming far enough along to start generating income, I think my folks decided that I went from $30/hr to $10/hr voluntarily. Furthermore, my folks seem to think that those juicy $60K/yr jobs are still low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking, for anyone who happens to stumble by. I’ve resigned myself to the idea that they’ll never quite wrap their heads around the idea that my white collar career is over. I think they’re still waiting for me to wake up and get tired of the “farmville” game and go get a real job. I mourn for all the folks out there trying to do exactly that. At least I had an alternative of my own making.

Sadly, that’s one of the myths of addiction


“They don’t have money for anything else, so they can’t possibly have money for , therefore they don’t have an addiction.” We’ve actually talked about that aspect of addiction here before. It’s one of the hallmarks of addictive behavior – whatever money can be earned, stolen or traded, goes to feeding the addiction even if they’re out on the street as a result. When they lose their jobs, they start selling stuff. When they don’t have any more stuff to sell, they sell themselves. When they get into that life of crime to support their habit, that’s usually when they’re arrested for the first time. Then during the arrest processing, other symptoms of addiction make themselves known and slowly the truth is revealed.

It sounds like Sharon has a very good plan for having her daughter tested to see if that’s what’s driving all this recent bizarre behavior. And maybe drugs aren’t the issue in that particular case – sometimes self-destructive behavior is fueled by other causes. But lack of a job is certainly not an obstacle to continuing a drug addiction. Just go talk to all the jobless strungout wrecks out there who have already lost everything they’ve ever owned, and every job they’ve ever had. They’ll still manage to scrape money together, somehow, to buy one more hit.

That is an outstanding way to get that


check done without having to drag her into a doctor’s office kicking and screaming. Perhaps a private word with her doctor is all that would be needed. I don’t know how things work when the person is an adult and is legally allowed to refuse treatment. But any doctor worth the title will recognize both the risks that possibility might pose, and the opportunities to get this checked. If nothing else, a series off clean blood screens would rule this out as the culprit.

And thanks for letting me share our experience. Last I heard, she was simply dating this guy that you weren’t sure about. Then suddenly all this other stuff had gone south, seemingly overnight. The similarities with my cousin’s experience were just too close. All during the time I wrote up my response, I wondered if I was pushing too far into stuff that isn’t my business. But so much of what you’ve said in the last 24hrs has been almost verbatim the conversations which my aunt/uncle were having back when Lisa’s slide first began. “What in the heck is going on with this girl?” No one could figure it out, until that bloodwork started coming back consistently positive for heroin. If one family can be spared that 12 years of hell her family had, and the various other forms of hell we’ve become aware of with other addicts in our circle of family/friends, then it was all worth it.

Please do keep us posted. And whatever else happens, I hope the little one is growing and maturing well.