Ok a lot of you probably remember through the years


I have discovered DR and tried to do things his way. Even a year or 2 before I discovered him I did a few things that I later realized were his way. Hubby would claim to be on board and then do something that derailed the train for a bit. However he has been getting better. For part of 2011/ 2012 he spent a year in Korea alone do to the military. Unlike his previous deployments this time he had a normal schedule. He went to PT and to work and then had other free time and the weekends usually free without us under foot. In order to make this work for us, he did his budget and came up with he needed X dollars to live on, the rest I got. I snowballed what I could, made no new debt, paid cash for everything as I went. Hubby did the same with his money, and found the time to go to the FPU in Korea. I was sad I did not get to go. However between DR, FPU and his own budgeting for a year, he came home with a renewed sense of getting out of debt. Now he wants to do it, talks about only paying cash, we made more sinking funds and our zero based budget leaves us about 30$ from payday to payday for things that come up that the sinking funds do not cover.

Now he has been wanting a smartphone, since in Korea that was the only kind they had, no call/ text phones. So he has patiently waited since June for our contracts to expire on the current phones, 2 did in Dec and the 3rd will at the end of Jan. So we did online research and it will cost about 100 extra a month to get 2 of the phones to smart phones and add a 4th line. The boys are getting to where they go in different directions so 1 shared phone for them doesn’t work anymore and we have no land line. Ok well in the past he went out and come home and said ok it will cost X next month instead of Y. Then I have to figure out how to rework the budget. GRRRRRRR. I usually managed to make it work.

This time though I asked him where he would like to pull the money from BEFORE he left to look at phones. Looking for him usually ends up with impulse buying. So I was prepared to get out the spreadsheet and rework the budget, cutting sinking funds or reducing them to make up for the higher bill. He thought about it and decided that he really did not need one yet. We have a bill that should be paid off buy summer that will free up 300 a month. He can wait til then and rethink it at that point. Which means even if it does go up 100 I still have 200 extra for the snowball, so win win for us.

Now just to see how long we can hold off on adding that 4th line. Right now its chilly out and the boys don’t go far for long and usually go together. It when its summer and they start running off in different directions with no school that I forsee an issue. However since they go to school M to T til 530 and F til 330, they don’t have a lot of time when we need the extra one. Usually on Sat & Sun they are with dad or I am with dad and that helps as well.

We bought a composter a few months ago,


but I saved it “for Christmas.” My brother, who is mechanically inclined, bailed on us for Christmas, so the other day my son and I put it together.
We bought it at Home Depot, and all the reviews say the instructions are horrible (they are!) and it takes forever to figure out how to put it together, yada yada. SO I thought: why not film it as we are putting it together? I have become a YT devotee because I am a visual learner. So my DD16 filmed it, edited it, and uploaded it (none of which I know how to do. In fact, when our camera died (cheapo new batteries) she’s the one who figured out we could webcam it (i’m not even sure what that is.)
ANYWAY. She called me in to see the “pre-final” product (which is mostly what you see at the links below. There are a few typos that have to be fixed later) and HOLY MOLY !! The kid’s got TALENT !! I told her, you know, this could be a real side business for you….taking people’s raw footage, editing in fade in/out, music, credits, wording etc. There’s a lot of people like me who want to film stuff, but don’t know how to get it from point A to point B and have it look nice.
Then I thought: HEY EL !! This looks like something you could do !! Maybe create some flyers, maybe go to some photo shops in your area & offer services, maybe offer classes in how to do it? Just saying. Low entrance costs…..lots of opportunity. Even if you low balled it at $10-40 a project depending on what they wanted, boy that could sure be a cash business 🙂