Because we are three adults we always stay at the value resorts


generally the All Star Music if we aren’t staying in Ft. Wilderness—our preferred place to stay. We are seldom in our room(s) except to sleep so luxury is not needed for us. The evening Extra Magic Hours are our favorite too. I think we’ve done the morning one ONCE in all the trips we’ve taken. Extended evening hours let us move at a leisurely pace and they aren’t as crowded as the early morning hours are because a lot of folks tire out and go back to their resorts.
I love the luxury of an annual pass too. That lets us park hop as we want, and go just half days when we want. That combined with the discounts they have for AP holders all the time just makes it worth the extra you pay for them. Plus then we tend to go 2-4 times the year we have them too. Drive down twice and fly down at least once when air fares are low. I can’t wait to get back to doing that.