I think one of the things my folks have such a hard time with

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in terms of my current job as a farmer, is the pay cut I took. I went from a string of “white collar” series of jobs – mortgage lender then software designer for the lending industry – to a decidedly blue collar job. What they utterly fail to understand is that while I was building the farm over time so that I could eventually work here, my professional job went away anyway. So even if I’d never had the ambition to farm and never switched over to that as my work, I would have had to switch over to something else regardless. The product which kept me employed for 10 years was discontinued, and that company wasn’t interested in keeping any of us on for other work. That entire team of people scattered to the four winds. Most of my previous colleagues ended up going back to school to get additional technical certifications; those who didn’t went into some other sector of the work force and most also took steep pay cuts. Had I tried to stay in that line of work and apply for payday loans no credit check needed, I would have been faced with that choice as well. But because the timing coincided with the farm coming far enough along to start generating income, I think my folks decided that I went from $30/hr to $10/hr voluntarily. Furthermore, my folks seem to think that those juicy $60K/yr jobs are still low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking, for anyone who happens to stumble by. I’ve resigned myself to the idea that they’ll never quite wrap their heads around the idea that my white collar career is over. I think they’re still waiting for me to wake up and get tired of the “farmville” game and go get a real job. I mourn for all the folks out there trying to do exactly that. At least I had an alternative of my own making.