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but be aware that different rental companies use different criteria if/when they find out you don’t have a credit card. I wrote up our experiences with Enterprise Rentals, and it was pretty ugly. I ended up cancelling that particular reservation. But some weeks later, we needed to rent a big van from U-haul to move some furniture, and I was concerned I’d run into the same problem. When we reached the point of how payment would be made, the guy actually proactively said “we take both debit and credit cards, so whatever you have is fine.” Our rental proceeded without any hiccups at all. So whatever vehicle you end up with, be aware that some but not all companies will frown on putting it on a debit card. If you find one is really giving you a hassle (and you can go back in the archives to see what sort of hassle I got from Enterprise), move on and see if another company is easier to work with.If you end up working with Enterprise, try not telling them that you’re using a debit card. If your card actually has “debit” printed on it, like mine does, you may not be able to get away with that because they’re supposed to look at it. But see what you can do in that regard. Also, try the U-haul and Budget folks for a big van with seats. U-haul was very easy to work with and it sounds like Budget might be as well. They also tend to have more locations than rental car places – we only have one rental car place in town and that’s Enterprise. But we have half-dozen U-haul places and three Budget places. They aren’t advertised under rental cars but rather moving companies. Good luck!