I wish I could recall who we used last year


when we were doing the Disney thing. I know I looked them up online because I wasn’t familar with them. People wrote horrible things about the company, but whe couldn’t have been more pleased. The staff was lovely, the car they gave us was a terrific upgrade (a minivan from a standard vehicle), and no hidden fees. Plus, Autoslash offers you online coupons on their site to apply immediately, and they lowered our rate a number of times, always offering us the chance to switch companies or to stay with the one we’d originally booked with, and it turned out well.
btw, looking at our Payless deal with Autoslash, we’d booked an upgraded to the moderate vehicle (can’t recall what was their terminalogy, but it was above standard, but less than deluxe). We had it while we were in Florida for a week over Thanksgiving and our initial charge was $146 and then they slapped us with the additional $26 fee (I just went back and double checked). We know we still got a decent deal. We could have fought the $26 additional charge, but just didn’t feel like it, but knew we got screwed (husband had brochitis, 7 year old had a 104 temperature, and I still had a younger child and was whipped, so I figured this was a $26 lesson to NEVER use Payless and to ALWAYS book at the airport so I can walk away if I don’t like the deal, especially since I always travel with my children and don’t need any additional hassles).