I’m not much for resolutions for the new year,


I’m not much for resolutions for the new year, but I’ve decided this is the perfect time to sit my husband down and do a weekly budget review with him. He’s working his tail off this time of the year, but he takes Sundays off (the only day of the week). The Detroit Lions are out for the season, so I don’t have to worry about intruding on his football time (my husband doesn’t care about tv, but does like to to root for the underdog, and we do live in Michigan, so I get it). It’s ski season, so we’ll ski tomorrow, and we get home; hopefully, the twirps will be wiped out, and we can have an early dinner and play a mad game of Fish or Old Maid and then tuck them into bed, and I’m going to go over all the budget things with him. I’ve added some new ING subaccounts for the new year (whole house generator because we go without power quite a bit each year for extended periods, and a vacation to Great Britain the summer of 2014 – Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine amusement parks anyone?). Our direct deposits have obviously decreased with the updated payroll taxes. I’ve been juggling things back and forth, and now it’s time to let him see what’s going on. I’ve been telling him, but the black and white will probably resonate with him more. I’m going back to the cash envelopes. We have enough of everything (clothes, toys – I over bought for Christmas so I pulled stuff for Easter baskets and such, even food since I’ve been stockpiling and stuff is starting to expire). No more bargain shopping for stuff because it’s a good deal (this is my problem. The transparency will be hard for me, but good for us). He is not a spender, I’m more of the bargain shopper so that make me the spender, but he simply doesn’t care about money. He’s content; I freak out. I want to spur him on to push his personal business (he’s nationally known for what he does and doesn’t capitalize on his skills) and to leave his independent contractors job (which isn’t paying us diddly squat after expenses any more). I think the weekly budget review will help immensely and will give him the nudge he needs to pursue what he really loves (and is awesome) at doing.