Sadly, that’s one of the myths of addiction


“They don’t have money for anything else, so they can’t possibly have money for , therefore they don’t have an addiction.” We’ve actually talked about that aspect of addiction here before. It’s one of the hallmarks of addictive behavior – whatever money can be earned, stolen or traded, goes to feeding the addiction even if they’re out on the street as a result. When they lose their jobs, they start selling stuff. When they don’t have any more stuff to sell, they sell themselves. When they get into that life of crime to support their habit, that’s usually when they’re arrested for the first time. Then during the arrest processing, other symptoms of addiction make themselves known and slowly the truth is revealed.

It sounds like Sharon has a very good plan for having her daughter tested to see if that’s what’s driving all this recent bizarre behavior. And maybe drugs aren’t the issue in that particular case – sometimes self-destructive behavior is fueled by other causes. But lack of a job is certainly not an obstacle to continuing a drug addiction. Just go talk to all the jobless strungout wrecks out there who have already lost everything they’ve ever owned, and every job they’ve ever had. They’ll still manage to scrape money together, somehow, to buy one more hit.