That is an outstanding way to get that


check done without having to drag her into a doctor’s office kicking and screaming. Perhaps a private word with her doctor is all that would be needed. I don’t know how things work when the person is an adult and is legally allowed to refuse treatment. But any doctor worth the title will recognize both the risks that possibility might pose, and the opportunities to get this checked. If nothing else, a series off clean blood screens would rule this out as the culprit.

And thanks for letting me share our experience. Last I heard, she was simply dating this guy that you weren’t sure about. Then suddenly all this other stuff had gone south, seemingly overnight. The similarities with my cousin’s experience were just too close. All during the time I wrote up my response, I wondered if I was pushing too far into stuff that isn’t my business. But so much of what you’ve said in the last 24hrs has been almost verbatim the conversations which my aunt/uncle were having back when Lisa’s slide first began. “What in the heck is going on with this girl?” No one could figure it out, until that bloodwork started coming back consistently positive for heroin. If one family can be spared that 12 years of hell her family had, and the various other forms of hell we’ve become aware of with other addicts in our circle of family/friends, then it was all worth it.

Please do keep us posted. And whatever else happens, I hope the little one is growing and maturing well.