Try Autoslash You don’t give them any payment info until you show up to pick up your rental.


They have online coupons to knock prices off. If a competitor drops their rates for the same vehicles, they will match their pricing or ask you if you want to switch your reservation. One caveat, when asked to select the rental company, pick the one that is directly onsite at the airport if at all possible. Last year when we flew to Orlando, we did that. The price continued to drop and drop (we never opted to switch to the competitors companies since the original booking car rental place would match the newly, lowered price). When we went to pick up our vehicle, the one we’d originally selected wasn’t available, so they upgraded our vehicle after we asked them what they wold do for us. It was then that we gave them our payment info and paid for the vehicle. Last month we flew back to Orlando. Again we used Autoslash only this time, selected a car rental company that was off site. They promptly tried to pressure us into getting all the extra insurance coverage (that we did not need). I wanted to walk, but my husband knew they wouldn’t put us back on their shuttle, and it was late at night, and he just wanted to get over to our hotel and check in. About a week after we returned the vehicle, they charged us an extra $25 or so for “damages”. I knew we should have walked after their heavy handedness, and had we been at the airport we would have. Bottom line, Autoslash was still cheaper, and a larger named companies are represented by them too (by the way, it was Payless who jerked us around. We’ll never use them again).