We bought a composter a few months ago,


but I saved it “for Christmas.” My brother, who is mechanically inclined, bailed on us for Christmas, so the other day my son and I put it together.
We bought it at Home Depot, and all the reviews say the instructions are horrible (they are!) and it takes forever to figure out how to put it together, yada yada. SO I thought: why not film it as we are putting it together? I have become a YT devotee because I am a visual learner. So my DD16 filmed it, edited it, and uploaded it (none of which I know how to do. In fact, when our camera died (cheapo new batteries) she’s the one who figured out we could webcam it (i’m not even sure what that is.)
ANYWAY. She called me in to see the “pre-final” product (which is mostly what you see at the links below. There are a few typos that have to be fixed later) and HOLY MOLY !! The kid’s got TALENT !! I told her, you know, this could be a real side business for you….taking people’s raw footage, editing in fade in/out, music, credits, wording etc. There’s a lot of people like me who want to film stuff, but don’t know how to get it from point A to point B and have it look nice.
Then I thought: HEY EL !! This looks like something you could do !! Maybe create some flyers, maybe go to some photo shops in your area & offer services, maybe offer classes in how to do it? Just saying. Low entrance costs…..lots of opportunity. Even if you low balled it at $10-40 a project depending on what they wanted, boy that could sure be a cash business ๐Ÿ™‚